Content of CIPAC-Handbook L

Analysis of Technical and Formulated Pesticides
d-Allethrin, method, TC, LV
Azimsulfuron, method, TC, WG
S-Bioallethrin, method, TC, LV
Deltamethrin, method, TC, WG, WP, EC, SC, DP, WT, EG, EW, UL
Diflovidazin, method, TC, SC
Dinotefuran, method, TC, WG, SC
Esbiothrin, method, TC, LV
Ethofumesate, method see handbook J, method extension, SE
Fenthion, method, WP, WG, EC, EW
Imidacloprid, method see handbook K, method extension, SL, OD
Iprodione, method, TC, WP, SC, WG
Novaluron, method, TC, EC
d-Phenothrin, method, TC, AE
Picloram, method, TC, SL
Prallethrin, method, TC, LV
Spinosad, method, TC, SC, GR
Transfluthrin, method chiral TC, method extension VL
Miscellaneous Techniques
MT 188 Determination of free Parathion-methyl in CS formulations
MT 189 Determination of free lambda-Cyhalothrin in CS formulations
MT 190 Determination of release properties of lambda-Cyhalothrin CS formulations
MT 191 Acidity or Alkalinity of formulations
MT 192 Viscosity of liquids by rotational viscometry
MT 193 Friability of tablets
Appendix A Index of Chemical Code Numbers, Numerical List
Appendix B Index of Chemical Code Numbers, Alphabetical List
Appendix C Codes for Ions and Ester radicals
Appendix D Code for Formulation
Appendix E Membership of CIPAC
Appendix F Index of MT-Methods
Cumulative Index

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