Presentations and posters from the CIPAC Symposium in Beijing, China, 2011


♦  Automated rapid analysis for dioxins in food and feeding stuff
Vitaliy Chmil, Medved’s Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology, Ukraine
Validation of CIPAC-AOAC methods for pesticides formulations and by multi residue methology
Pan Canaping, China Agricultural University, PR China

Mancozeb analysis by chemometric techniques
Labib Ghaoui, Tammy Hamilton, Theophilus Leapheart, Randy Pell, Julio Leite, Dow AgroSciences, USA

The quantity analysis for ethephon by ion chromatography
Li Guoping, Quality Control Division, Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals Ministery of Agriculture (ICAMA), PR China


Determination of residues of transfluthrin and permethrin in air while using an aerosol formulation
Atmakuru Ramesh and Gundoju Suresh, International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology, India

The analysis of bitoxybacillin
Theo de Rijk, Ed Boers, Ruud van Dam, Gerard van Bruchem, Rob de Jonge, Rikilt-Institute of Food Safety, The Netherlands

Pesticides, the residues and their alternatives impact to the international import regulation
Bongotrat Pitiyont, Department of enviromental Science, Kasetsart University

The principles of regulation
Bernhard Johnen, CropLife International
Changes in composition of ppp - Steps towards harmonisation in the EU
Axel Steer, BVL, Federal Republic of Germany

Stereo isomers in pesticides
Martin Rodler, CropLife International




Development of analytical methods for botanical pesticides formulations
Rattanaporn Promsattha, Issariya Sueppandee and Thitiyaporn Prayoonmahisorn, Toxic Substance Group, Department of agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, Thailand
♦  Comparison of methods for determination of stability of emulsions
Rita de Cassia Bocuzzi Prisco, Maria Fuentes Piedade and Vera Lucia Tedeschi Savoy, Laboratory of Enviromental Chemistry Instituto Biologlico, Brasila
♦  A Stereoselective Approach in Official Quality Control of Cypermethrin Formulations
Bruno Patrian, Markus D. Müller and Astrid Bächli, Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW, Switzerland
♦  Current status of public health pesticides in Korea
Kim Mi-Jeong, Kwon Kyoung-Jin, Kim Sang-Seop, Kim Do-Jeon, Choi Myoeng-Sin, Kim Dae-Woo, Kim Dong-Sup and Choi Bo-Kyung, National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation, KFDA, South Korea
♦  Quality control charts in chemical analysis of long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets
Olivier Pigeon, Nathalie Ducat, Vivianne Planchon and Vanessa Hérion, Wallon Agricultural Research Centra (CRA-W), Belgium
♦  UHPLC for determination of difenoconazole and treated barley seeds
Vanessa Lecocq, Bernard de Ryckel, Patricia De Vos and Olivier Pigeon, Wallon Agricultural Research Centra (CRA-W), Belgium
♦  Investigation of contamination of indoor objects after fumigation of insecticides on the basis of pralletrin
Volodymir Mykhaylow, Medved’s Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology, Ukraine
♦  Post-marketing surveillance program on pesticide formulation used in public health
Hansa Chaivant, Nawaporn Anantasinkul, Somchai Preechataweekit, Bureau of Cosmetics and Hazardous Substances, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministery of Public Health, Thailand
♦  Determination of herbicide residues in agricultural soils by GC-ECD and LC-MS/MS
Helen Karasali and Anna Marousopoulou, Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Greece
♦  Evaluation of organophosphoorus pesticide residues in commercially available oranges in Brazil
Vera Regina Rossi Lemes, Tereza Atsuko Kussumi, Viviane Emi Nakano Fukasawa, Sonia Bio Rocha, Maria Celeste Cardeal de Oliveira, Iracema de A. Kimura, Kennia Cristian Waldheiln, Ana L. FARIA, Reinaldo A Ribeiro, Janete Alaburda
♦  Procedure for molecular weight degree of polymerization (DP) and distribution of amino oligosaccharides
Hainan Zhengye Zhongnong, HIGH TECHNOLOCY CO., LTD
♦  The determination of dichloroethane and chloroethylene in chlormequat TC
Huazhen Wen, Nutrichem Lab, Co. Ltd.
♦  Determination of flumorph (E+Z) by HPLC
Yu Liang, shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, PR China
♦  HPLC Procedure for Assay Determination of Napropamide and its R-& S-entantiomer
FMC Agricultural Products Group