Content of Handbook L


Analysis of technical and formulated pesticides


Acetamiprid method, TC, WP, SP, SG, SL, EC
d-Allethrin  method, TC, LV
Azimsulfuron  method, TC, WG
Bioallethrin  method, TC, LV
S-bioallethrin  method, TC, LV
Deltamethrin  method, TC, WG, WP, EC, SC, DP, WT, EG, EW, UL
Diflovidazin  method, TC, SC
Dinotefuran  method, TC, WG, SC
Esbiothrin  method, TC. LV
Ethofumesate method, see Handbook J / method extension, SE
Fenthion  method, WP, WG, EC, EW
Imidacloprid method, see Handbook K / method extension, SL, OD
Iprodione  method, TC, WP, SC, WG
Novaluron  method, TC, EC
d-Phenothrin  method, TC, AE
Picloram method, TC, SL
Prallethrin  method, TC, LV
Spinosad  method, TC, SR, GR
Transfluthrin  method, chiral TC / method extension, VL



Miscellaneous techniques

Determination of free Parathion-methyl in CS formulations MT 188
Determination of free lambda-Cyhalothrin in CS formulations MT 189
Determination of release properties of lambda-Cyhalothrin CS formulations MT 190
Acidity or Alkalinity of formulations MT 191
Viscosity of liquids by rotational viscometry MT 192
Friability of tablets MT 193