Content of Handbook P


Analysis of technical and formulated pesticides

Acephate [338] method HPLC, TC, SP
Atrazine [91] method GC, TC, WG, SC
Broflanilide [994] method HPLC, TC, WP
Chlorantraniliprole [794] method HPLC, TC, FS, WG, SC, MT 184
Chlorpyrifos-ethyl [221.202] method HPLC, LN
Clothianidin [738] method see Handbook N / method extension, WP
Cyetpyrafen [997] method HPLC, TC, SC
alpha-Cypermethrin [454] and Chlorfenapyr [570]  method extension, LN
alpha-Cypermethrin [454] and Pyriproxyphen [715] method extension, LN
zeta-Cypermethrin [733] method, isomerratio, TC
d,d-trans-Cyphenothrin [804] method see Handbook M / method extension, EW
Dinotefuran [749] method see Handbook L / method extension, RB
Fenazaquin [693] method HPLC, TC, SC
Flumioxazin [578] method see Handbook O / method extension, MT 184 (WP)
Flupyradifurone [987] method HPLC, TC, AL, EC, EW, FS, SL, WG
Hexaconazole [465] method HPLC, TC, WG, SC
Imidacloprid [582] method see Handbook K / method extension, UL
Mancozeb [34] method HPLC, TC, WP
Piperonyl butoxide [33] method see Handbook 1C / method extension, EW
Prallethrin [743] method see Handbook L / method extension, UL
Propiconazole [408] method GC, TC, EC
Prothioconazole [745] method HPLC, TC, EC, FS, SC
Pyriproxyfen [715] method see Handbook M / method extension, MR
Silthiofam [635] method HPLC, TC, FS
Spirodiclofen [737] method HPLC, TC, SC, MT 184
d-Tetramethrin [989] method HPLC, chiral, TC and method GC, TC
Transfluthrin [741] method see Handbook K, relevant impurity 1R-trans-permethric acid anhydride, TC
Triflumuron [548] method see Handbook J, relevant impurity 1,3-bis(4-trifluoromethoxyphenyl)urea and 4-(trifluoromethoxy)aniline



Miscellaneous techniques

Water determination by Karl Fischer Method MT 30.6, method revision
Accelerated Storage Procedure MT 46.3, method extension MR, method see MT 46.4
Accelerated Storage Procedure MT 46.4, method harmonisation
Dustiness of Granular Products MT 171.1, method revision
Flowability of Granular Formulations after Accelerated Storage Under Pressure MT 172.2, method revision
Suspensibility of Formulations forming Suspensions on Dilution with Water MT 184.1, method revision
Retention Properties of Pyriproxyfen MT 200