Multi method active ingredient

The intention of CIPAC is that this ESPAC multi method for active ingredients in formulations can be used to generate more data in support the work of quality control laboratories. Using this method should be helpful to identify/determine formulations that are not in compliance with authorised products, either because of unacceptable quality and or because they are illegal.

It is not the intention of CIPAC to force applicants for CIPAC methods to always use the multi method. However, in cases where this method can be used, it is recommended.

CIPAC provides this multi method as download (pdf-file). By downloading the method, you accept the following conditions of use:

  • the copyright of this method is with ESPAC;
  • this method is provided subject to changes without prior notice;
  • CIPAC declines any responsibility when using this method;
  • any comments to this method can be submitted to CIPAC and will be forwarded to the ESPAC.

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