The abbreviation CIPAC stands for Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council. 
We are an international, non-profit-oriented and non-governmental organization (see Contact) devoted to: 

- promote the international agreement on methods for the analysis of pesticides and physico-chemical test methods for formulations; 
- promote inter-Iaboratory programmes for the evaluation of test methods. 

The methods are proposed by companies and are tested by laboratories all over the world. After evaluation of the results and adoption, the methods are published in the CIPAC Handbooks (see "CIPAC Methods" and "CIPAC Publication").

CIPAC meeting 2023

CIPAC meeting 2023 will be held from June 13 till June 22 in Braunschweig.

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Program Excursion 18 June, 2023

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Presentation of our Chairman about CIPAC at Open Meeting 07 (Umhlanga Rocks) (pdf)

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Call for Papers for the CIPAC meeting in June.

Call for papers 2023


Please find attached the information sheet for a full
scale collaborative trial on:

  • metolachlor

Please note that the trial is limited to maximum 15 participating laboratories because of the availability of samples. The selection is based on “first come, first served".

Information Sheets

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