Handbook O

Analysis of technical and formulated pesticides
Amisulbrom [789] method, TC, WG, SC
Brodifacoum [370] chiral method, TC, RB
Chlorfenapyr [570] method, TC, SC
Cyazofamid [653] method, TC, SC
Deltamethrin [333] chiral method, TC
Deltamethrin [333] method, see Handbook L, method extension, LN
Dihydrosafrole method, in TC piperonyl butoxide
Dimoxystrobin [739] method, TC, SE, SC
Flazasulfuron [595] method, TC, WG
Fluazinam [521] method, TC, SC
Flumioxazin [578] method, TC, WP
Fosthiazate [585] method, TC, GR
Nicosulfuron [709] method, see Handbook M / method extension, OD
Permethrin [331] method, see Handbook 1C, method enantiomeric purity, TC
Permethrin [331] method, see Handbook 1C / method extension, EC, LN
Piperonyl butoxide [33] method, TC
Piperonyl butoxide [33] method, see Handbook N / method extension LN
Pirimiphos-methyl [239] method, TC, EC, CS
Pyraoxystrobin [964] method, TC, SC
Piperonyl Butoxide [33] method
Pyriproxyfen [715] method, see Handbook M / method extension, LN
Spinosad [636] method, see Handbook L / method extension, EC, GR
Thiamethoxam [637] method, TC, WG, SC, FS
Transfluthrin [741] method, see Handbook K / method enantiomeric ratio, TC
Trifloxystrobin [617] method, TC, AL, EC, FS, SC, WG



Miscellaneous techniques
Dilution Stability of Aqueuous Solutions MT 41.1
Accelerated Storage Procedure, method extension, LN MT 46.3, method see Handbook J
Persistent Foam MT 47.3 (note errata in handbook wrong number MT 47.1)
Total Hardness  of Water MT 73.1 
ETU, HPLC method, TC, WP, WG, SC MT 162.3, method, see Handbook F
Flowability of Granular Preparations after Accelerated Storage under Pressure MT 172.1
Degree of Dissolution and Solution Stability MT 179.1
Dispersion Stability of Suspo-Emulsions MT 180, method see Handbook H, method extension, SE, DC, OD
Determination of Free Pirimiphos.Methyl in CS Formulations MT 189.2
Determination of Release Properties of Pirimiphos-Methyl CS Formulations MT 190.2 
Attrition of Tablets MT 193
Wash Resistance Index of LN's MT 195
Solution Properties of Water Soluble Tablets (ST) MT 196
Disintegration of Tablets MT 197 
Toluene MT 198 
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, method, SL MT 199