MT 183 - The use of the agrochemical emulsion tester (AET) for the determination of the stability of dilute emulsions

Content Handbook J


Outline of method

An appropriate aliquot amount of the agrochemical emulsion or emulsifiable concentrate is dispersed in CIPAC Standard Hard Water, to provide 250 ml of dilute emulsion. The dilute emulsion is then allowed to flow under gravity through the instrument cell, under controlled conditions, and instrument readings are taken initially and over a 30 minute period. Instrument readings are dependent on variations in droplet size as the dilute emulsion flows through the cell. Low readings, (typically <1) and stable over time, are indicative of fine uniform droplets, and good emulsion stability. Higher initial readings, (typically >1), which change with time, are indicative of coarse, non-uniform droplets and poor emulsion stability.



The method is suitable for determining the emulsion stability of dilute emulsions at a dilution rate of 1 %.