General inquiries about CIPAC work.

Do you have a question/inquery? Please send an e-mail to:

cipac@agroscope.admin.chYour message will be processed and forwarded to the respective CIPAC officers. They will answer you directly.
Please allow certain time to answer your questions and enquiries.

Please mention which CIPAC officer you need for specific questions on ongoing work only!

CIPAC contact persons

Ralf Hänel
Ralf HänelChairEmail:
Laszlo Bura
Laszlo BuraSecretaryEmail:
Brian Hocken
Brian HockenTreasurerEmail:
Theo de Rijk
Theo de RijkAssistant secretaryEmail:
Bruno Patrian
Bruno PatrianCommunication officerEmail:
Netty Hoefakker
Netty HoefakkerWeb DesignerEmail:

 You can also fill in the contact form. Please mention to whom you ask the question.

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