MT 172.2 Flowability of Granular Formulations after Accelerated Storage under Pressure

Content Handbook P


Reason for Revision

The method was editorially revised as stand-alone method.

Inclusion(s) / up-date(s): Figure 1, accelerated storage conditions, reference for test sieves, Procedure, Reporting. 

Deletion(s): hardness of rubber mat, sieve (4.75 mm mesh size).

Test results obtained with MT 172.2 are equivalent to those obtained with MT 172.1.MT 172.2 supersedes MT 172.1


Outline of method

After accelerated storage under a defined pressure the sample is poured onto a sieve and the flowability through the sieve is determined. In case of any granules remaining on the sieve, a standardized tapping procedure is applied to determine the flowability after tapping.



The method is suitable for assessing the flowability of granular formulations after accelerated storage under pressure. The purpose is to demonstrate that the granules remain freely flowing after storage.