MT 171.1 - Dustiness of granular products


Content Handbook P

Reason for Revision

MT 171.1 supersedes MT 171. The method was editorially revised and obsolete references removed. Error correction in result table;  definition of range for sample weight; revised description of equipment.

Test results obtained with MT 171.1 are equivalent to those obtained with
MT 171.

Outline of method

TThe test sample is allowed to fall from a defined height into a measuring box. By impacting at the bottom of the box dust is released into the air. The airborne dust is then analyzed.

Analysis can be done either gravimetrically by collecting and weighing the dust on a filter or by an optical method in which the obscuration of a light-beam by the airborne dust is measured.


 In this method dustiness is defined as the property of a granular product to release dust into the air when handled under specified conditions. These conditions are related to typical handling in agricultural practice (i.e., measuring out the required dose and pouring the product into the spray tank).

The method is applicable to granular formulations.